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Covid Guidance

Sample Health and Safety Protocols for Rehearsals

30th Sep 2020

Sample Health & Safety Protocols for Rehearsals

Protocols with a focus on Health & Safety, social distancing requirements and increased hygiene protocols with a particular consideration given to the safeguarding of everybody.

(Please note that this sample is for illustrative purposes only and is not exhaustive. Each drama group should devise their own Health & Safety Protocols to take into account their unique set-up).

It is recommended that each drama group and Theatre have a designated Covid Compliance Officer, who should undergo Covid-19 training and update the group. Free online training is available through the Health and Safety Authority online learning portal:

Physical Activity

As with all forms of physical activity, there is a high level of risk, particularly in terms of the transmission of Covid-19. It is the responsibility of the group leader and all members of the group to be aware of and minimise these risks. All rehearsals will require the submission of a risk assessment in advance, and an outline of how these risks will be mitigated. Allow access to a limited number of limited rehearsals. Ensemble work will be limited, with a suggested maximum of 12 people in a large studio, and an agreed approach to social distancing. This will involve staggered access and strict Health & Safety, social distancing, and hygiene protocols. Changes in rules may allow commencement of public access for rehearsals etc., limited by social distancing with a suggested maximum of 20 in a large studio.

If attending Rehearsal you must:

  • Limit your contact with others when out and about.
  • Keep your close contacts to a small number of people.
  • Limit the amount of time you spend in direct contact with other people
  • Avoid crowded areas. If an area looks busy, go somewhere else or return at a quieter time
  • Wear a face covering in situations where social distancing is not possible
  • Keep a log of all of your contacts throughout the rehearsal period
  • Wash hands when entering and before leaving the rehearsal space

Please know that these protocols, risk assessment and checklists are for your own safety and to ensure your safety, as well as that of staff and cleaners who may also be in the building. It is your responsibility to follow these protocols and maintain a safe working environment for all.


Confirmation of a number of attendees required when considering a rehearsal. No extras will be permitted unless confirmed in advance (strict capacities must be maintained). Contact details (phone or email) is required for the lead person who will be the lead Covid Compliance Person (for contact tracing). The lead person is required to have the contact details of all those in their group.

Entry & Exit

Operate a staggered entry and exit process, allocating a time slot in advance of arrival. Your whole group must arrive and leave within the same time slot and no additional people will be permitted during the rehearsal unless confirmed in advance. There will be a queuing system outside of the building to ensure the distance between those waiting for entry. Limit interaction with staff and other users of a venue to a few minutes.


Each rehearsal space must be mopped and cleaned after use. A mop & floor cleaner, as well as cleaning spray and paper towels, must be available. We recommended that you clean the space before use and clean regularly used areas such as doors etc. every hour. Rehearsal spaces are to be left as found and must be cleaned and mopped by you after use. All of the equipment that you used needs to be cleaned before you leave the space.

Toilets & Changing Rooms

Changing Rooms and showers should be out of use. Please make sure everyone arrives in the clothes needed for rehearsal. Groups must only use the toilets on their own floor. Only one person from each group should visit the toilets at a time. This will increase the ability to physically distance in the bathrooms. No resources will be available unless booked in advance so bring anything you need to your studio. Chairs and tables will be cleaned after each booking so will be in a locked storeroom during the day. Please only request the exact amount of equipment that will be needed and no more. This will greatly reduce the workload for everyone.