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Organising a Workshop

First Steps

Survey your members about what they would like to do. Popular subjects are acting, directing, movement and technical.

· Find a suitable venue

· Contact the DLI Development Officer Willie O’Brien at Tel: 087 2326259 or to guide you through a list of available tutors. Tutors must be recognised professional practitioners, and must not be a member of, or have direct association with the group or individual organising the event.

Before the Workshop

Contact the tutor to discuss: Dates, Workshop Topics, Fees and Expenses, Number of Participants

· The rate of payment for the tutor is a matter for negotiation between the tutor and the organising group or individual, and it is the responsibility of the organisers to ensure that all bills are settled. This must be done prior to receipt of any funding

· Notify the DLI Development Officer Willie O’Brien at Tel: 087 2326259 or that the workshop is proceeding.

· In order to avail of funding, advance provisional approval must be sought at least three weeks in advance of the event. Please apply for provisional approval using the online form below.

· Advertise the workshop. The workshop must be open to all groups, and must be advertised locally.

· In order to qualify as a workshop, there must be at least ten participants. Where there are less than ten, the event is best deferred, or a decision taken whether to proceed without funding.

· Organisers of workshops should ensure that they are fully insured to host such an event – the DLI Group Insurance scheme covers workshops, and if you have questions on your insurance, please check with your provider or broker

· The Drama League of Ireland should be acknowledged on all promotional material, in the media where possible, and at the event itself.

After the Workshop

The Drama League of Ireland should be acknowledged and promoted at the event itself.
Give each participant a copy of the Workshop Feedback Form for completion on the day. Feedback and assessment is very important to the Drama League of Ireland in ensuring the best value for money. Return all documentation, including the evaluation forms, within two weeks of the completion of the workshop.
The amount of funding will be decided by and at the discretion of the DLI Board of Directors and will entirely depend on the financial circumstances pertaining at the time.

Download the workshop income & PDF
Download the Workshop Feedback Form