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Course C: Training with Purpose, Training with Clarity
Tutor: Ciarán McCauley

Course Outline

The ultimate outcome of training for theatre performance starts with an acknowledgement of the simple act of putting yourself on stage. To risk presence and vulnerability is a leap of faith and you need to check in with your own personal investment in creating those moments. You establish your own presence on stage out of personal motivation and commitment, and then you open to inviting the audience in, creating a conduit through which they too may participate in joint creation.

In this course, participants will be experiencing a combination of physical and vocal training techniques chosen to ground the actor in this journey, alongside working on group composition and text that will integrate the entirety of the acting experience.


About the tutor

Ciarán is from Sligo and has been a core member of the Blue Raincoat Theatre Company since 1991. Working in this ensemble, Ciarán has gained a wealth of “hands-on” experience in all aspects of theatre life primarily as an actor but, also directing, designing lighting, sets and costumes, set construction and touring and production management. Outside of theatre, Ciaran has also worked in film and radio. Professional theatre training includes L’Ecole de Mime Corporeal Dramatique, London with Corrine Soum and Steve Wasson, at the Saratoga International Theatre Institute, New York with Anne Bogart and at the Roy Hart Theatre of Voice in Malargues, France.

He holds an MA in Drama and Performance from UCD. Ciarán lectures at Sligo’s Atlantic Technological University delivering modules on Physical Theatre, Voice and Movement, Professional Practice, Facilitation and Drama and Modernism in Drama and Literature for the BA Hons in Performing Arts and Creative Writing BA. He is the Hon. Treasurer of the Association of Drama Adjudicators, and he also consults as a Performance and Vocal trainer for the International Institute of Celebrants.